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1-1 yoga training is a great way to get the most out of your yoga! All eyes are on you (trust me, thats a good thing, even if it doesn't sound like it)! So I can spend all my time making sure you're in correct alignment so you can get the most of of the poses & injury free! But most importantly, the sessions will be totally taylored to your needs & goals. Whatever you want to get out of your yoga sessions, I will work to ensure every session is focused exactly on what you need. A couple of examples are; maybe you're training for an event, you have an injury which you need help with (back ache being a very common one) or like me, you want to focus on a particular pose. You could simply want to tone up more or you could be looking to de-stress & calm the mind. Whatever it is I can help you :-)


Another form of training I offer is small group sessions. Now lets face it, working out with friends & family is pretty fun! nothing beats a good giggle when you're trying to workout. 


I feel that if people can find something they can have fun doing, they're more likely to stick with it & get the best results! Plus, everyone needs a little more laughter in their lives right?! 


With a small group you can still get the benefits of a 1-1 session as there are less people I have to give my attention too, so you get the added benefits of having a trainer. Also you can discuss your group goals & that's what I will work on with you! 

Then a pretty cool benefit is splitting the cost! Double the fun & split the cost... WIN!


Small groups can be anything bewteen 2-5 people. 



- £35 per session 

- £150 for 5 sessions 

- 300 for 10 sessions 


*Prices are the same for both types of training only with the small group you have the choice to split the cost between you. 


*Blocks of 5 have to be used within 6 weeks 

*Blocks of 10 have to be used within 12 weeks


To book please click on the link below for my contact page.. 


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