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All Classes are currently cancelled due to Covid-19! 


However, the most recent guidelines state that a group of 6 can gather outside so I am putting on small Park yoga classes (which I'm super excited about!) 


Please see the Christie's Park Yoga tab for all information. 


About 5 years ago I decided to take up a regular yoga practice, which I did at home (usually with a baby wiggling around at the end of my mat) and I made myself practice (even if for 10 minutes) every day.

I did this to help gain some core strength back after pregnancy and to help with general aches & pains, to help me gain strength & flexibilty & to tone up a bit.. (I actaully started because I wanted to be able to do the splits which I thought looked really cool haha!) 


What I didn't expect was to fall head over heels in love with yoga & to find a passion! I'd taught fitness yoga for a few years but this was basically a fitness class using yoga poses, there was no real concept of yoga involved at all!

So after having another baby & wanting to focus some more on myself, I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about yoga, I signed up to a 500hour yoga teacher training course (I know what your thinking, crazy right?!) and I now run my own Yoga classes in Orpington, so I can spread my love of yoga to as many people as I can in the hopes they can get as much out of it as I have.. the benefits are endless! 


So.. are you ready for a yoga class designed to help you get fitter, stronger, leaner, more flexible, feel calmer, more relaxed & totally de-stressed!


You will leave this class feeling like you have worked & stretched every single muscle in your body (which you would have) I can guarantee if you attend this class regularly you will feel amazing! Your muscles will feel & look longer & leaner & you will gain strength & core stability. Not only do you get awesome physical benefits from yoga, you also get awesome mental benefits too! We work on clearing the mind of everyday clutter & leave you feeling clear headed, relaxed & happy!


Yoga can help with all those aches & pains that daily life gives us! I can almost say 100% every person reading this right now suffers or has suffered with some form of back ache.. am I right? Be it due to pregnancy or carrying babies/kids or sitting at a desk all day etc.. the list goes on! 

By strengthening & stretching your body you can deal with all the imbalances causing these aches & pains & massively improve them! 

Let's face it.. it's far more enjoyable working out with others! 


I make it my mission to make my classes fun. I like people to leave my classes feeling great, mind & body! 

The classes are suitable for EVERYONE! You can walk in having never done yoga before & enjoy it! 

If you're looking to increase your flexibility, build strength, improve core strength, get toned, loose weight & most importantly.. have fun doing it then this is the class for you! 




Tuesday: Chelsfield Community Centre 7.30pm


Thursday: Poverest Coronation Hall 7.30pm 


Chelsfield Community Centre : Windsor Drive, Orpington, BR6 6HD 

Poverest Coronation Hall: Bridge Road, Orpington, BR5 2BH



Classes are £7 per class 


£60 for a block of 10 classes 


(blocks of 10 last for 3 months)


I have a few spare mats but recommend you bring your own :-) 



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